Reprap Prusa Mendel instructions and tutorials

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    Reprap Prusa Mendel

    Reprap Prusa Mendel instructions and tutorials

    The Reprap Prusa Mendel is the Ford Model T of 3D printing, We’ve put together the manual and some instructional videos to help build, maintain and make the most of your 3D Printer.

    Like the Model T, the Prusa Mendel improves on a previous design by being more streamlined for manufacture. The Prusa Mendel is a simpler remix of the original Mendel. By default, it uses printed bushings instead of regular bearings, though options to substitute inexpensive lm8uu linear bearings or other types of bearings or bushings are available.

    The current version uses three 608 bearings in total, one for the X axis and two for the Y axis. The 624 bearings are gone altogether.

    At Rinstruct 3D Printers are something we are passionate about, and having experience building them (you can find out all about this on the about us page) we want to make your experience as streamlined as possible, as we grow we will be making tutorials on building, modifying and using your machines, but for now the this neat little page will help you get started.

    If your out of Filament we’ve got you covered here’s some for this machine White ABS filament 1.75mm on 1KG reel/spool, 3D printing

    Hit download to get your PDF build manual and browse through our instructional videos


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