We’ve just hit our first milestone, 100 uploaded products, Hoorah!

Although just a drop in the ocean of our ambitions, reaching 100 products has been quite the journey, from targeting products to finding the most efficient way to do, well… everything, it’s no surprise that building an empire of manuals is going to take longer than I’d first thought… although rolling back the clock a year who would have ever thought I’d be spending my spare time sifting through manuals in the first place.

Over the past few weeks it’s been amazing to see supporting emails from fans across the world and how such a small (for now) website on a mission to help can actually make a positive Online difference.

So… where do we go from here?    To infinity and beyond!…… we’re going to keep building our database and so to get the ball rolling, i’ve just uploaded a buzz lightyear manual…. 101

Next stop 1000