What we do

Read all about the Philosophy and History of Rinstruct

The Philosophy

We like to think of ourselves as a socially enterprising website, built to help users find Manuals in just a few clicks, and so our mission is to build the world’s most helpful product database, so when you need to know there’s a place to go.

How it all began

“In 2013 with all excitement around 3D Printing I thought I’d jump on the trend and order a build your own 3D printer kit, when it finally arrived I found myself looking at a box full of electronics and a stack of assembly instructions at least an inch thick! So I adjust my desk light and get to work. Fast forward two weeks and there’s a half built printer, back in its box, tucked away in a corner of my studio. Turns out the instructions were missing the wiring diagrams, I searched endlessly through forums, YouTube videos, Groups on social media, with no luck whatsoever, and that’s where the idea for Rinstruct was born, a place to find instructions, video’s and other bits without the hassle”

(I eventually got the printer working and haven’t had an issue since – other than the common hick-up’s any printer owner can relate to )

– Founder R. Real

My very first piece of instructional work! The first draft of a second year university projects instructions for use (complete with spelling mistakes and all)

What we do

Not only are we busy updating our product database with the latest and greatest, we’re also working on setting up our own Rinstruct Reviews and Tutorial videos as well as an exciting major project to be announced within the next two years.


Top Products

Our team is busy keeping you happy with the latest products and we’ve come across many instructions along the way, here are some of our favourites!

Here’s the PDF manual for your 3D Printer, we’ve also hand picked some videos to help you out! Just hit the download button below to get your PDF instructions manual home Back to 3D Printers
flashforge creator pro manual
Ultimaker 2 manual
bq Witbox manual
LulzBot TAZ 5 manual
LulzBot Mini Manual